At base Camp Narainpur

Swamiji opined: "If the poor cannot come to education , education must go to them ." To achieve this ideology model residential school called the Ramakrishna mission Vivekananda Vidyapeeth was established on 2nd July 1986 under the Gurukul system . Where the values of home and educational institutions are blended together. The school holds to its credit 2,097 students. Which includes 1,241 boys and 856 girls. 95 percent of which belong to the Maria community.This campus runs on a public school pattern exclusively for the boys and girls of the tribal groups . This model of higher secondary school offers its students five optional streams . Sience, Commerce, Art, Agriculture and Home-Science . In order to help the students with practical knowledge . The school has four modern laboratories . Its experience promotes their abilities . To identify questions . And concepts . That guides them to scientific knowledge . The school has a separate section for the students studying in classes 1 to 5 . The primary school of the Ashram shares and enthusiasm for learning and a competitive spirit that shines through the noble minds of these tribal students .

The ashrama also provides a science playground , creating an enthusiastic learning experience for its elementary students . It enables them to learn about science in a way that enhances the creative experience and encourages the children to act . The ashram also has a Play School for the early education of the children . It helps in building the physical , cognition and emotional strength of these children . The Vivekananda computer training center was started on the twenty ninth of April 2008 Training students from Class 6 onwards .These labs are equipped with the most modern systems including projects based learning . Thereby creating an interactive environment for all its students

Inside Abujhmarh

In interior Centres

In the most interior of Abujhmarh, the Mission runs 5 free residential schools - Vivekananda Vidyamandirs (2 Middle & 3 Primary Schools) at Akabeda, Kutul, Kachchapal, Irakbhatti and Kundla villages. Akabeda Vidhyamandir was started on 1st July 1987, currently 172 students are being benefitted. Kundla centre is serving since 25th Oct 1989 with present strength of 190 students. Vidhyamandir Kutul and Vidhyamandir Irakbhatti was started on 5th June 1986, at present there are 99 and 101 students respectively. Our Kachchapal school was established on 1st July 1990 and has 102 students.

The huge campus of the ashrama has three separate hostel buildings for the boys . The hostel for the girls lies in another section of the campus . The campus houses 668 boys and 400 girls ranging from class one to 12 . The hostel creates an all inclusive environment where students help each other in the day to day tasks . It also provides a large hall where the students can participate in active learning to constant interaction and consultations with each other . The students of the Ashram are groomed and disciplined and a spiritual way of life . The homely landscape created by the ashram for these children not only yields better interaction but also helps in shaping a disciplined environment .