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VISHWAS: (Vivekananda Institute of Social Health Welfare and Service):
        Among the Abujhmarh tribal, the woman is considered as a partner in economic Endeavour rather than a burden on the family. So, once they are educated, girls can bring about much-needed social change rather speedily. Swamiji prophesied- “If you teach a boy, you teach only one individual; whereas by teaching a girl you teach a whole family". To achieve an all-round development and to provide health-care and socio-economic uplift of woman and child of the people, especially of the tribal, VISHWAS was formed. It is a sister institution managed by the devotees and well-wishers of Ramakrishna Mission. In Abujhmarh its developmental activities are being carried out in collaboration with the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narainpur. Its activities in brief are:

a) Maa Sarada Vidyamandir, Orchha :
VISHWAS is running a free residential Middle School at Orchha inside Abujhmarh since June 1995 for Maria girls. This year the number of students is 180. It also imparts necessary value based education to tribal girls, besides making them physically fit and mentally agile.

b) Maa Sarada Kanya Chhatrawas:
VISHWAS runs 6 hostels for Tribal girls of Abujhmarh. At present there are 377 girls in these hostels studying at Vivekananda Vidyapeeth, Narainpur and at 5 Ashrama Schools inside Abujhmarh run by the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama.


Maa Sarada Vidyamandir

Maa Sarada Kanya Chhatrawas

c) Anganwadies :

Under the Integrated Child Development Scheme VISHWAS runs 85 'Anganwadies', and 96 'Mini-Anganwadies' in the far off villages of Abujhmarh. Through these Anganwadi centres, the following services are provided to 26 thousand populace of 200 villages :
i. Nutritious diet to children.
ii. Regular health-check ups & immunization.
iii. Pre-natal and post-natal care to pregnant women.
iv. Creation of Self-Help groups (186 groups and 3500 women involved).
v. Plantation programmes (per year 2500 plantations).
vi. Providing elementary education etc.


d) Construction Works :
VISHWAS has by now constructed 11 Stop-dams, 7 Tanks, a 20 km-long IInd Class Road, 8 Culverts, 6 Girls' Hostels, One High School Building, 2 Health Posts, 30 Anganwadis, 4 Spring Wells, one Bamboo Craft Training Centre, 15 Anicut-canals, etc.

Anganwadi Orcha

FPS run by women

Girls learning tailoring

Maa Sarada Vidyamandir's Class

VISHWAS also runs 5 free coaching centers in and around Narainpur block, a Fair price grocery shop in Orchha run by women, 3 health posts in Ader, Garpa and Orchha villages of Abujhmarh to provide primary health care to the villagers. In recognition of its meritorious services in the field of Women and Child development in Abujhmarh, 'VISHWAS' has been given "Mini Mata Award" for 2002" and "Danvir Bhamashah Award" for 2010.

150th Birthday Celebration of Swami Vivekananda in VISWAS, Orchha

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